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OneStop and BSM Global: Celebrating 15 years of Transformative Partnership


OneStop is thrilled to commemorate over 15 years of collaboration with BSM Global,
marking a significant milestone in our shared commitment to revolutionise the supply
chain through innovation and efficiency.

Since the inception of our partnership, OneStop and BSM Global have been united by
a common vision – to enhance visibility and streamline operations across the supply
chain landscape. Through relentless dedication and focus on cutting-edge solutions,
we have jointly achieved remarkable milestones, setting new standards in the industry.

“Data integrations stand as cornerstone strategies within OneStop’s repertoire,
empowering us to fortify Australia’s competitive trade landscape,” says Chris Harnett,
Chief Commercial Officer at OneStop. “By seamlessly integrating with industry
leaders like BSM Global, we harness the power of data to forge invaluable operational
insights, propelling businesses toward heightened efficiency and unparalleled

Our collaboration has empowered the BSM Global network to seamlessly transmit
over 1,500,000 Pre-Receival Advice (PRA) messages electronically, leveraging our
pioneering PRA messaging service. This achievement highlights the tangible impact of
our partnership in driving digital transformation and operational excellence.

In a testament to our collective success, in 2022, an impressive 21% of all Australian
export containers were processed through our interconnected systems, highlighting
the pivotal role played by OneStop and BSM Global in facilitating smooth and efficient
trade operations.

“Our long-established connection with OneStop compliments our commitment to
customers to drive efficiencies within their business through digitisation,” says Jason
Flemming, Managing Director at BSM Global. “Thanks to the seamless automation of
PRA’s and Container Events from OneStop, a process that would traditionally require
significant resources has been dramatically simplified.”

As we celebrate this significant anniversary, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment
to continue pushing boundaries, driving innovation, and delivering unparalleled value
and visibility to our customers and the industry at large.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Kaylee Salzke
Senior Sales and Marketing Executive, OneStop.
E. ksalzke@1-stop.biz

Jason Flemming
Managing Director, BSM Global
E. jason.flemming@buysellmove.com


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