Written by BSM Global

“Exploring the Unique Qualities that Set BSM Apart from its Competitors”

At BSM, we’re often asked why companies should do business with us. The answer is simple: we offer the most comprehensive Global Trade Management (GTM) software solution in the market today. But there’s more to it than that. We’re a consultancy-based software provider, which means that we don’t just offer a one-size-fits-all solution. 

We understand that every company is unique, and we take the time to learn about the specific challenges and established work practices that define each of our clients. For example, we work with many exporters and importers, and while there are common challenges across the industries, the way each exporter goes about doing business and the internal systems they employ can be very different. That’s why we don’t pull a product off the shelf and expect it to work perfectly for each client. Instead, we develop customized solutions that meet each client’s specific needs.

Our approach allows us to provide the ideal solution in every instance. We’re continually building and refining our experience and our individual approach, treating each new client as unique. We reinvest a large percentage of our profits back into further research and development every year, so we can stay at the forefront of industry trends and technology.

In today’s post-pandemic climate of uncertainty in global logistics, every day that a company delays investing in a comprehensive GTM software solution like ours could be costing them money and potentially even new buyers for their product. At BSM, we’re ready to help companies take the first step towards optimizing their supply chain management with a customized, high-value solution.

The process starts here, with a high level review of your existing GTM systems and processes, learn more about BSM’s tailored business review objectives, methodology and outputs

Why should a company do business with BSM?

One of the main reasons companies should do business with BSM is “experience” . 

The world of international trade is more complex than it has ever been and experience counts, we support organisations on the journey of understanding;

  • How effective a business is by reviewing your current processes, systems and information management.

Why move forward with BSM now ?

“ Now “ is always controlled by you, at BSM our first advice is always for clients to get an understanding of the potential for process and cost improvement – once this is known by the management team it is then about priority settings.

“ Every day you delay finding out what you don’t know,  in today’s climate of uncertainty in global logistics is potentially costing you money and perhaps even new buyers for your product.“

Can you explain more about the BSM, Consultancy based software provider?

What this means is that we have leveraged 20+ years of experience in international trade and related information flows, developed vertical specific solutions that can either be adopted for speed to market solutions or customised specifically for client requirements.

Continually building and refining our experience, treating each new client as unique, allows us to provide the ideal solution in every instance. 

BSM is about unlocking value in your supply chain, this needs consulting skills and functionally rich solutions.

This sets us apart from the “off the shelf” product providers that all talk price. Our experience with those providers is that “cheap = low value” 

At the same time, it positions BSM as a partner to help meet the needs of companies who are looking to work on a program of continuous improvement in the management of their supply chain, in a consultative, proactive manner to create a more effective and lower cost of doing business.

If you are interested in discovering new ways to optimise your organisation’s own supply chain, contact us today.