BSM Global specialises in GTM (Global Trade Management) systems and solutions. BSM Global was built to service the global commodity industry, today our clients span the globe. Our systems-based solutions provide strategy, change management and the ability to embed innovation, visibility and control into your supply chain.

BSM Global easily integrates with ERP’s, finance systems and proprietary systems to provide a depth of functionality in a scalable cloud based environment. This provides the ability to constantly meet the ever evolving needs of our diverse client base.

BSM Global clients are typically looking to mitigate risk, create agility within their organisation and improve margins through cost out strategies.


All BSM Global Consultants have worked within the supply chain and/or global trade management sector. They have held operational positions through to managerial and C-level executive roles.

Their experience ensures they not only understand the end-to-end life cycle of the supply chain, but also the challenges faced by operators across all industries. Including P&L outcomes, customers experience and management visibility.

Our enthusiastic and helpful support staff ensure that you receive the best level of service at all times. Customer service is not just part of our KPI’s it is at the heart of everything we do.


From first time exporters to seasoned global traders the BSM Global team continues to support companies trade globally.

  • Our solutions are defined around our clients key business objectives
  • Fully optimised functionality to meet export & import trade requirements
  • Deep Industry knowledge across all industry verticals
  • Operate across the globe
  • BSM Global solutions are fully adaptable
  • Provide an integrated platform across key supply chain stakeholders
  • As well as companies own ERP, CRM, accounting and trade related systems.
  • Integrations in place with Global Shipping Lines, Customs Agents, Banks,Terminals, Local Government Authorities, Transport Companies
  • As well as large ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle.
  • Highly experienced consultants
  • Deep real-world vocational background
  • Worked in international supply chain companies across the globe
  • Regular collaboration with our industry partners
  • Build bespoke solutions
  • All our consultants have real-world supply chain experience.
  • In-depth and up-to-date knowledge of local markets, compliance, industry needs
  • Highly training & skilled in delivering solutions via our proven implementation methodology.

The core strategy of BSM Global is global reach supported by our worldwide offices.

As trade execution continues to globalise there is an increasing demand for integrated services across various countries.

We will continue to deploy resources into more countries to broaden our in-market support to meet the ever increasing demands of our growing international customer base.

Should a project require, we can deploy a team within weeks to any location.



BSM Global Launched.

Milestone One

6 Offices in Australia

Milestone Two

1 Office in New Zealand

Milestone Three

3 Offices in USA

Milestone Four
By 2024

Open New Offices Europe and Singapore


Robert Flemming

Managing Director

Carl Cruceanu


Nick Smargiassi

General Manager, Operations

Jason Flemming

Operations Manager VIC/SA

Uri Avidan

Regional Operations Manager - North America

Erwin Scholz

Regional Operations Manager - Perth / Singapore

Sam Vibhakar

Regional Operations Manager - QLD

David Anderson

Learning & Dev Specialist

Carolyn Day

Marketing, Communications & Event Coordinator

Jon Guy

IT Country Manager Australia

Adam Jones

Application Development Manager

David Shestark

Senior Developer

Murrae Neill

Senior Developer

Barry Downes


Jen Murphy

Consulting Support Specialist

Juliana Ward

Consulting Partner

Damien D’Souza

Consulting Partner

Li Liu


Ryan Ong

Consulting Support Specialist

Ernesto Vargas

Sales Growth Partner

Gerard Leve Hang

Consulting Support Specialist

Patrick Fitzgibbon

Client Support Specialist

Priyanka Dey

Technical Writer

Samantha Hernandez

Consulting Support Specialist

Annie Ngan

Consulting Support Specialist

Juan Solano

Consulting Partner

Anastasia Pereira

Consulting Support Specialist

Sean Berry

Consulting Partner | Carrier Project

Alejandra Ramirez

Consulting Support Specialist

Natalia Nino

Consulting Support Specialist

Molly O’Carroll

Consulting Support Specialist

Leigh Bramich

Consulting Partner