World-class technology combined with commercially experienced consultants results in supply chain optimisation.

Understanding your Supply Chain.

Our first step ensures BSM Global truly understands your “as is” trading environment.

Business Review Introduction

30 minute conference call + Tailored Preparation guide.

Onsite Business Analysis

Onsite with Consultancy Service

Summary of Review Outcomes

Presentation of Review Outcomes

No two businesses are the same.

No two businesses are the same. That’s why at the core of a BSM Global solution is our individualised approach.

Our proven ability, coupled with deep industry knowledge ensures you receive a bespoke strategy. In addition to the strategy we will demonstrate a tailored solution, demonstrating how your business can improve.

You will receive

  • Project plan with detailed scope
  • Clearly defined outcomes for your business
  • Fully costed systems implementation & costings
  • Defined timelines
  • References are provided to all our potential clients. allowing you to evaluate the BSM Global service delivery first-hand.

How do we do this?

We prepare an implementation scope that includes;

  • Pre-implementation pack
  • Project management methodology
  • Solution design & customisation aligned to your business objectives and operating processes
  • End to end scenario testing
  • Systems user training
  • Supporting documentation

Discover cost reductions and productivity improvements.

BSM Global understands that before any investments are made, ROI scrutiny will be required on the cost benefit.

To this end we offer our unique ROI Business Process Cost Calculator Tool. 

Your BSM Global specialists will demonstrate;

  • How we can deliver cost reduction
  • Process improvement value in executing your international supply chain needs
  • Benefits you typically receive are:
    BSM solutions could deliver following a key business objectives to you.

How does our ROI Business Process Cost Calculator work?

Using our ROI calculator, A BSM specialist will spend time through key areas of your business in relation to international supply chain to understand current productivity and costs allocated to each task.

An example of these processes may include;

  • Identifying number or export orders & shipments
  • Identifying key staff assigned to export/import orders and associated tasks.
  • Apportioning staff overheads to tasks allocated
  • What systems are used and processes in place to support these tasks?
  • Identify any Process deficiencies that exist in your business today

Once we identify each of process, systems used and assigned number of staff and time associated with each task we will then allocate the projected BSM systems costs and transpose these to the cost calculator.

We will provide you with detailed value proposition analysis for the customer to review comparing the potential costs savings when considering BSM solutions.

Benefits you may see;

BSM solutions could deliver following key business objectives to you.

  • Simplify international supply chain processes
  • Increase control & visibility
  • Automate documentation management & reporting
  • Reduce trade risk and systems gaps
  • Eliminate repetitive, error prone and manual data management
  • Allow seamless information exchange (internal and external)
  • Increase customer service levels
  • Create a scalable trading environment for future growth

View your new Optimised Environment


  • Tailored Demonstration
  • After completion of the onsite business review
  • Contoured to your business and exact requirements
  • Go through some end-to-end transaction scenarios
  • Examples that succinctly show how we would help manage your export or import requirements.

Implementation Methodology

Stage 1: Kick Off

  • Sets the foundations of a successful completion
  • Review in scope details including timeline and methodology
  • Establishes a clear understanding of the project

Stage 2: Implementation

  • Regular onsite & offsite sessions
  • Build and review in line with agreed project plan
  • Requires attention to detail by project managers & key stakeholders


Stage 3: Training & Testing

  • Comprehensive tailored training program
  • Individualised test transaction scenarios for delegated users
  • Ensures you’ll be competent and confident for Go Live.


Stage 4: Go-Live

  • The finishing line is here.
  • Testing and training is complete to your satisfaction
  • Environment is live and ready to use


Stage 5: Hypercare

  • Don’t Worry! We don’t just implement and leave you on your own.
  • We are on hand to support users post go-live
  • Additional training available if required

Implementation Highlights

  • Dedicated BSM Project Manager
  • Supply Chain & Industry expertise
  • Proven Project Management tool with weekly project updates
  • Quick Implementation turnaround with Defined timelines
  • Detailed transaction scenario testing
  • Comprehensive User training until your team feels confident
  • Ongoing Support during and after go-live
  • Project Wrap Up document confirming outcomes & benefits delivered

Continuous process and software development

Our future-proof approach ensures our clients stay abreast of emerging trends in supply chain processes and technologies. At all times your application is kept up to date with automatic latest feature releases.

We do this with the following objectives in mind;

  • Systems training and advice around best practice
  • To allow all functionality is being used effectively across key areas.
  • Implementing continuous improvement strategies aligning to changing client’s objectives

This includes;

  • Free annual health check
  • 24/7 help desk support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • On-going support