With a BSM Global Software Solution You Can:

Manage by exception

Improve control over information

Improve & simplify trade processes

Digitize trade documentation, workflows & compliance

Streamline communication

Reduce transaction costs

Create defined business process

Automate analytics & BI tools

Aggressively leverage technology

Create opportunities for continuous improvement

Minimise compliance risks

Leverage market experience & adopt best practice

Profile Management

Add & Maintain

Your buyers, sellers and movers.
Upload via interface and/or manually create.

Profile Categories

Customised categories to suit your requirements.

Profile Information

Load key profile information.
Streamline and automate key information.

Profile Options

Centralised & easy shared access to profile info.
Evolve from hard copy folders, emails & hard drives.

Holistic Product Management

Product Management

Configure product schema. Upload
store master product / material data

Product Maintenance

Configure & Store product info.
Option to interface or file upload.

Product Testing & Inspections

Lab partner testing workflow.
Automated lab forms & certificates.

Contract and Order Management

Contract Management

Create & customise contracts
Sales & purchase creation & maintenance
Contract document creation & dispatch
Contract positions to support communication & visibility

Voyage Management

Voyage creation & management
Vessel lineup workflow
Document split option

Order Management

Create & Manage orders
Orders Dashboard
Order / Shipment advice

Shipping Planning

Shipping Planning

Automated workflows that eliminate data entry
Workflow summary reporting
Live Reports

Shipping Line Bookings

Get faster response times from shipping lines
Carrier & freight forwarder booking tools
Shipping line booking reports

Packing & Transport Coordination

Forward planning visibility for logistics providers
Container packing schedule and pac status summary
EDN, Certificates of Origin , RFP + more

E-Tenders, Rates and Cost Management

E-Tender Tools

Complete market reviews.
Record all tariff rates.

Rates Analysis

Automated analysis
Best carrier options & port pair rate

Costing Reports

Capture costs to transaction level

Accounts Processing / Shipment Finalisation

Eliminate manual data entry
& validation of logistics costs

Document management

Documentation Management. Go paperless.

  • Data is captured automatically from many sources.
  • Easy to access documents
  • Export commercial documentation
  • Document dispatch
  • Container cartage schedule
  • Customised documentation


  • Info linked to order, documents, workflows & reports
  • Letter of credit receipt
  • Forwarding instructions
  • Bills of lading
  • Bank lodgement
  • Automated customer updates
  • Documentation workflows & KPI’s

Compliance Illustration

Data Analytics and Business Reporting

Analytics & Business Reporting

  • Measure & drive business process
  • Real time data to ensure effective decisions
  • Easy search & download
  • Interface with your own BI tools