Discover why we are leaders in meat export trade management, export systems and process optimisation.


Traders and exporters around the world benefit from BSM Global’s trade management systems and process improvement model. Our ability to help mitigate risk, add value and enable operational agility has attracted meat companies of all sizes, from SME to global giants.

Every company is unique, and you will receive the specialised solutions that suit your needs. Here is a brief overview of some of the ways BSM Global can assist you, from paddock to plate to buyers’ doors.

Global Trade Management for Meat

If you are a meat producer, trader or service provider, then BSM has value for you. BSM Global provides cloud-based solutions and services tailored to assist executing trade & compliance, and driving process improvement across the supply chain. Our solutions can assist with:

  • Information management and continuous improvement
  • Visibility
  • Compliance
  • Trade execution
  • Trade documentation
  • Deal sheets
  • Contract management
  • Integration with stock and inventory systems
  • Foreign Exchange
  • E-tender & rates management tools
  • Bookings & shipment management

Meat Exporting

When you work with BSM Global you will be connected with a specialist Meat Consultant. On the technical front, you will receive professional implementation, user training, ongoing support and assistance — plus a free annual health check.

Some of the highlights you can expect from BSM Meat Export include:

  • Cloud-based 24/7 secured access via any device
  • No software installation required
  • Functionally rich applications 
  • Ability to customise solutions 
  • Ability to capture critical supply chain events 
  • High level of business process automation 

Timely and Cost-Effective Implementation

Should you pursue our meat exporting solution, you can expect quick implementation, which is delivered in 5 key phases.

Project Panning Kickoff@2x

Project Planning & Kick OffIn this initial phase, our Meat Trade Consultant will provide a project overview, including its scope, timelines and deliverables, and review key business objectives.


Configuration and Development – In this second phase, we get all the necessary parts into place and tackle the following: Interface system requirements; profile, contract and order management; shipment planning and execution; commercial documentation; compliance and reporting; tariff management.

Training Testing@2x

Training & Testing — To ensure everything is working properly, we provide comprehensive user training, user acceptance testing and run through common transaction scenarios.

Go Live@2x

Go Live & Hypercare — At this penultimate stage, your system is fully operational with 24/7 support provided during the Hypercare period to ensure the smooth functioning of your application.

Post Implementation@2x

Post Implementation After the Hypercare period,  BSM will provide a detailed wrap-up of your project and transition you toward a continuous improvement plan where a dedicated account manager will be on hand to assist your enquiries.

Timely and Cost-Effective Implementation


Our Services

We assist meat companies of all sizes transact and scale their business to quickly shifting global markets and trends include:

  • Contract of purchase
  • Contract of sale
  • Order Management
  • Shipment planning
  • Stock and yard management
  • E-tenders
  • Rates management
  • Carrier bookings
  • Container transport and pack planning (road and rail)
  • Commercial documentation
  • Government compliance
  • Certificate of origin
  • Letters of credit
  • And so much more

The BSM Difference

Meat companies use our cloud-based system to seamlessly exchange, create, interpret and share end-to-end data across their global supply chain.

We provide integration directly with:

  • Industry-based systems, inspection partners, transporters, packers, ports (in certain regions), customs, global carriers, forwarders, banks and chambers of commerce.
  • Government and regulatory compliance requirements such as EXDOC-NEXDOC. For more information, please contact your local BSM office.

Benefits include:

  • No manual data entry required — electronically sent back to BSM and linked to related shipment
  • Carrier bookings — Vessel detail, booking reference, empty park info
  • Container management – Pack planning, containers, seals, weights, packed date
  • Carrier rates for accruals and invoices validation
  • Obtain health certificates electronically
  • Submit lab inspection requirements and receive results back
  • Submit empty container and goods inspections

Are you ready to see how BSM Global can assist you with your meat export needs? Contact us or request a free demo to learn even more about how we can optimise your meat export global trade and system processes.

What our Clients say

Prior to implementing BSM our export documentation and operations system was predominately paper based. This resulted in double handling of information, excess archiving requirements and

restricted visibility of day to day operations. Since implementing BSM we’ve experienced greater transparency of day to day operations, a 92% reduction in paper usage and significant improvements though streamlining all our export processes. BSM’s interface being accessible by phone, tablet and computer has provided greater flexibility and enables me to access information easily and remotely.

Our customers have commented that the weekly reports they received detailing any changes to orders or shipping details are a great benefit to keep them automatically updated of changes to their orders.