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Written by BSM Global

How Can We Help You?

Can I talk to existing clients to verify how BSM benefits their business?
Yes. We are more than pleased for you to have contact with our existing clients. Some due diligence, which includes checking references, will help you make an informed decision.

Do I need to load any software onto my computer system?
No. BSM is cloud based, we easily integrate with your finance, ERP and production systems. In addition we integrate with global carriers, banks, and other 3rd party providers.
There is no need to load anything onto your existing system.
All that is required is high speed internet that will provide you with  24 / 7 secured access to your international supply chain, historical data, documentation and reporting.

Is it expensive?

BSM applications have targeted return on investment value of no less than 3 times cost, how this is achieved is a key part of the  BSM business review process prior to any significant spend.

Will I need to maintain two sets of data?

No. BSM will receive and / or push data back into your operating system so you no longer have to keep repeatedly entering the same data.
Typically BSM solutions will also provide additional value by capturing greater level of information detail than most clients systems do.

What are some of the features & benefits can I expect from a BSM solution?

  • In the Cloud
  • Low Cost Implementation
  • Workflows & Analytics
  • Exception Management Tools
  • E-invoicing for rates management and cost control
  • No Systems Infrastructure Requirements other than Access to High Speed Internet
  • Interface Capabilities with Current ERP or accounting  Systems
  • Buyer, Seller and Mover Profile Management
  • Sales and Purchase Contract Creation, Management and Reconciliation
  • Shipment Management – Planning & Execution
  • Carrier Booking Automation
  • Vessel Schedule Updates & Cartage Cut Off updates (from ports)
  • Automated Communications – Interactive Reporting Tools with Suppliers, Packers, Transport Companies and Inspection Partners
  • Automated Commercial Documentation – 90% Automated (for export) and Upload 3rd Party Documents
  • Compliance Management – DAWR – EXDOC, EDN’s, E- CERTS / Cert of Origin, PRA’s, Banks
  • Real Time Container Status Reporting for Wharf Delivery & Vessel Loading (from ports)
  • Partner Rates & Tender Management
  • Client Reporting with Real Time Shipment Status Updates
  • Cost Reporting
  • Competitive Edge in an Environment Where International Logistics Skills are Critical

If you’re interested in discovering new ways to improve your organisation’s own supply chain or have additional questions on the application of cloud-based technologies, contact us today.