Written by BSM Global

Your Export Process Made Easy…

BSM has today launched the first of what will be a group of MVP – Minimum Viable products.  The first release is targeted to support Australian Meat Exporters.

Unlike a typical MVP product that is created by software developers to provide minimum functionality  – the solution released today is functionally rich. BSM is leveraging the knowledge from 17 years of creating Trade Management Solutions for small medium and large enterprises.

The MVP product covers the core functionality an exporter requires to manage international trade. The primary advantage of this solution is its speed to market / fixed implementation cost with reducing a 12 – 16-week process to one that can be delivered within 2 weeks.

The solution provides the capability for a client to further customisation if required after the initial 2-week delivery window. BSM will provide an exporter with greater control of information and a high level of business process automation that guarantees lower business administration costs within 30 days of implementation.


Our services include:

  • Dedicated BSM Project Manager
  • Supply Chain & Industry expertise 
  • Proven Project Management tool with weekly project updates 
  • Quick Implementation turnaround with Defined timelines 
  • Detailed transaction scenario testing 
  • Comprehensive User training until your team feels confident 
  • Project Wrap Up document confirming outcomes & benefits delivered
  • Ongoing Support during and after Go Live