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Shipping Rates

Managing Rate Tenders

Effective rate negotiation & analysis tools with defined rate card templates sent to your logistics service providers for returned automated rate capture in BSM.

Analysis Reporting on Spend

Automated analysis reporting is available for rate selection, rate rankings, rate spend, forecast comparisons and best carrier selection.

Mobile Phone Applications

Need quick access to rates anytime & anywhere? Our mobile rates app allows users to search a rate based on your selection to get an accurate cost of your shipment.
If no rate exists, then simply send a request to your service provider within the app.

Rates Integrated in BSM Trade Management Solutions for Cost Accruals and Invoice Payments

  • Accruals auto-created from carrier selections and bookings
  • Accruals used to validate electronic carrier invoices
  • Invoices approved for payment can be uploaded to accounting systems
  • Eliminate duplicated payments
  • Full visibility to accruals and invoiced actual variances.

Rates Dashboard

Service provider selection process is made easier through available rates dashboard tool.

Spot Rates

BSM’s quick spot rate feature allows users to request a spot rate promptly from the nominated service provider.
Rates are then available for upload directly into the BSM application.

If you would like to hear more about managing shipping rates, contact our team today.