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Plant Exports Management System (PEMS)

Empty Container Inspections (ECI) & Container Goods Inspections (CGI)

Introduction to PEMS


The Plant Export Management System (PEMS) is an IT system that is used by the Department of Agriculture, to capture and store information relating to the export of plants and plant products from Australia.

What is new? Previously, PEMS only allowed departmental plant export Authorised Officers (AOs) to enter and submit inspection results and any supporting documentation. In November 2018, the department made PEMS available to industry. This means there have been some changes to export documentation processes that you need to be aware of.

PEMS will improve the export inspection and documentation process through the efficient storage, transmission and reporting of inspection records and supporting documentation.

PEMS will eliminate the need for paper ECR and CAR documentation as data will be stored directly within the PEMS system.


PEMS Integration with BSM Global

BSM will have provision for Authorized Officers (AO’S) to bypass entering data directly into the PEMS systems and provide an option to electronically pass data from your BSM client application directly into PEMS.

The BSM PEMS Module allows for EDI messaging of inspection data between client’s export software systems (BSM) and PEMS. Messaging Types


  • Empty Container Inspection
  • Containerised Goods Inspection
  • Quality System Recognition Inspection

AOs can create inspections in BSM for empty containers and goods inspected against the export order and related container/s using a specifically developed PEMS Dashboard & Mobile Device Inspection Apps.

What are the benefits?

  • Reducing data entry times
  • Providing a user-friendly interface and helpful prompts to make recording data easy
  • Validating AO competencies automatically
  • Storing inspection records and supporting documentation
  • Providing inspection documentation to Exporters electronically
  • Eliminating double handling of documents
  • Being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Download the PEMS and BSM brochure here, or get in touch with your BSM consultant.

Set Up & Site Configuration in BSM

Before an Authorised User can submit inspections in your BSM application, the following steps are required. 

  1. AO Registration with PEMS
  2. Configuration Set-Up in BSM 

All AOs must register with the Department of Agriculture to use PEMS, even if they will be using BSM.

Once registered –  Register with PEMS

Upon registration, Authorised officers will be to access their token IDs from the PEMS site.

AOs must then pass their respective token IDs to their Office Administrator to relay to their BSM consultant which is required to be set up in your BSM site.

To access the PEMS functionality will require configuration setup in your BSM application to handle the EDI messaging of inspections between the PEMS and BSM systems. 

Site Configuration requires the below items to be completed. 

  • Adding AO tokens for each Authorised Officer profile
  • Enable Core AO Fields in the Order & Container sections
  • Enable PEMS Dashboard
  • Updating ECR & CAR Document (contingency if PEMS system is down)
  • AO User Training

AOs will only be able to login to the PEMS dashboard and Mobile App once your BSM consultant has confirmed set up.

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