Written by BSM Global

Managing Exchange Rate Risk in Your Supply Chain

International rates of exchange are fluctuating on a daily basis making the management of FX positions difficult, before adding the complexity of the physical supply chain and the changes driven.

Production, Transport, Packing and Shipping All are beyond the control of the finance teams who have the responsibility to manage
foreign exchange positions.

BSM Global Trade Management solutions provide the information links between finance and logistics designed to reduce risks and empower decision making for those responsible for foreign exchange.


Position Dashboards > Linked to Logistics
Transactions > Linked to Shipping Terms >Linked to Live Logistics Tracking Events


Your business is at Risk if your Finance Teams are:

  • Managing FX in spreadsheets without active links to systems
  • Communicating via standalone email losing visibility
  • Within ERP applications not linked to live logistics events
  • Your Overall position is not real time visible

BSM Trade Management solutions are designed in collaboration with some of the largest international shippers – why not talk to our teams about how we can help you reduce your risk.

If you are ready to take the first steps to achieving how to better manage exchange rate risk in your supply chain, check out our software solutions page or contact our team today.