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NSW Export Assistance Grant

Export Assistance Grant

The NSW Government’s Export Assistance Grant program provides reimbursement to eligible businesses to help them recover from the impacts of COVID-19, bushfires and drought on their international markets and is open to exporting businesses in NSW.

For exporters with turnover of up to $100 million and those affected by changes to international trading conditions.


  • Get $10,000 covering 50% of export costs
  • Covers expenditure from 1 January 2020
  • Includes planned expenditure, all countries

Claimable cost:

  • Accessing new markets, exploring or re-entering old ones
  • Opportunity to development, organising workshops
  • Marketing materials – design, trademark, copywriting and printing, video, translation
  • Market research
  • Website internationalisation, E-commerce development
  • Online delivery – converting face-to-face to online delivery, product and accreditation of online content for international audiences
  • Tradeshows and virtual/online business matching – hiring exhibition space, entry and project management fees
  • Hosting incoming buyers – hiring local facilities, domestic travel and accommodation for inbound buyers case


  • Business case
  • Declaration of Statement of Business Eligibility
  • Invoices

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