A Scalable Approach to International Trade: Data Management

The amount of data available to supply chain leaders continues to grow both in volume and complexity.

The process of getting a single product or service to market might involve dozens of organisations, creating the risk of miscommunication and disruption in an industry where performance is heavily dependent on consistent data definitions of variables including customers, products, items, location, suppliers, partners, carriers and governmental compliance.



Cloud computing provides convenient, easily scalable solutions to business. It opens organizations to the latest global opportunities and trends in application architectures whilst removing onsite servers and the associated headaches and expense.


Teams can securely access their data and files from anywhere at any time  and on any device — as long as they good, secure internet connection. The cloud has unwired the world. In a post COVID world this is critical. 


Another benefit accessed via cloud computing is the ability to use big data analytics and backup services. This allows companies to securely store, access and tap into vast quantities of both structured and unstructured data to extract business value. Some traders are now extracting information derived from supply chain data to identify vendor and buyer patterns to better support their trade, costs and allocations for up and coming seasons.

A Scalable Approach to International Trade

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