Industry Experts.


Leaders in Agri Supply chain optimisation.

BSM’s ability to add value within the agri space is reflected in our client portfolio including many global giants.

We assist all size agri companies transact and scale their business to quickly shifting global markets and trends.

From farm gate to your buyers door, BSM Global can assist with simplifying

  • Contract of purchase & Contract of sale
  • Stock & yard management
  • E-tenders
  • Rates management
  • Carrier bookings
  • FCL transport & pack planning (road & rail)
  • Commercial documentation
  • Government compliance
  • Letters of credit
  • Bulk vessels
  • and so much more

Via our cloud based system agri companies seamlessly exchange, create, interpret and share end to end data across their global supply chain.

Get in touch with BSM Global to learn more about we can optimise your agriculture global trade and system processes.

Integration directly with

  • Industry based systems, inspection partners, transporters, packers, ports (in certain regions), global carriers, forwarders, banks and chambers of commerce.
  • Australian specific compliance requirements such as DAWR, EXDOC-NEXDOC, PEMS

Benefits include

  • Additional export certs requests
  • Obtain phytosanitary certificates electronically
  • Submit inspection requests and receive test results back electronically
  • No need to lodge paper ECR and CAR documents (specific to Australia)


Grow your beverage business.

Beverage importers and exporters have to contend with unique requirements including often complex compliance, rates management, and international trade requirements.

Beverages are close to our hearts, as it where it all began for the team at BSM Global.

Our clients in beverages are some of the most famous brands in the world. Ask us about our esteemed beverages portfolio including beer, spirits, juice and dairy.

BSM’s broad experience in the specialised beverages market ensures you can trust us to optimise your supply chain.

Beverages Integration Highlights

  • Established Integrations with industry based platforms (such as EZYWINE etc)
  • Integration options available with large scale ERP solutions such as SAP, ORACLE, MS Dynamics & many more
  • For Australian exporters submit order file electronically directly to the AGWA website in order to receive an export approval number.


Meat is a complicated industry due to its complexity of information and security of information. Today it is one of BSM Global’s fastest growing client categories.

Whether you are a production or non production based trader we understand the meat game, and help move meat products across the globe via air and sea freight.

Our experience has been built on some of the worlds largest traders to sole traders. Our specialist knowledge spans from Cut codes to commercial documentation – we understand your industry.

We offer our variety of traders , producers and supporting logistics providers with specialised supply chain improvement services.

Meat Industry Integration & Other Highlights

  • Halal Certification
  • DAWR
  • EXDOC (soon to be NEXDOC)
  • Plant Export Management Systems (PEMS)
  • Packing Partners
  • Inspection Partners
  • Commodity Inspection Services (CIS)
  • Intertek


Bespoke Dairy Industry Trading Solutions.

Dairy can be a challenging industry with strict guidelines, product testing, nuances with documentation and market fluctuations.

We have worked with some of the worlds largest dairy companies including;

  • Production or non production based trader
  • Dairy powder
  • Refrigerated
  • Frozen

The bespoke BSM Global solutions for the dairy industry are finely tuned to ensure very agile supply chain. This minimises delays and maximises visibility.

Common areas we assist with for dairy providers includes;

  • Contract level
  • Commercial documentation
  • E-tenders
  • Rates management
  • Shipment planning
  • Booking, execution and compliance tools

We welcome the opportunity to work with your dairy operation to optimise your global trade and export processes.


Business is very competitive in the retail sector. BSM Global can enhances your daily experience while ensuring cost controls.

  • Eliminate ‘black holes’ in the flow of information
  • Ensure a buyers responsibilities are managed
  • Measure supplier and 3rd party performance outcomes
  • Invoicing is automated within a secured web based system
  • Independence from your logistics providers – own YOUR data
  • Link communications to related parties across the supply chain

BSM Global works retail sector solutions to create a seamless link of information including;

  • E-Tender & rates management tools
  • Manufactures and buyers
  • Origin transporters
  • Consolidator
  • Freight forwarders
  • Local customs agents and DC’s
  • Real time alignment for buyers, vendors, finance and in-house shipping and logistics teams.


Whether you are a production or non production based trader we understand the recycling game.

Recycling requires a specialist knowledge, and the ability to quickly adapt to meet markets swings.

BSM Global has breadth of experience in all facets of recycling including

  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Metals
  • Glass

We have worked with some of the worlds largest recycling companies, through to many local SME traders

BSM Global can work with you to enhance your management of your contract requirements through to packing and container requirements.

Industry Specific Case Studies Available on Request

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