Supply Chain Technology

Cloud Based Technology Solutions

BSM’s cloud based solutions help clients optimise efficiencies and deliver the peace of mind that can only come from operating a proven, secure, reliable and responsive supply chain system.

BSM can assess existing systems and levels of integration or we can work with you to design and implement a BSM hosted solution. Security, flexibility and the ability to receive, interpret and action large amounts of data make BSM a unique opportunity.

Our solutions deliver cost and service improvements across many areas of the supply chain. Critical processes including supplier and logistics provider performance , documentation, finance and administration , trade compliance, event management , exception reporting , transaction alerts (visibility) and cost reviews.

Who Do We Help?

BSM hosted solutions have a proven history in tailoring applications which are used by multinational organisations through to family operated small businesses.

Our technology based solution optimises the flow of data to create visibility and control within the supply chain. BSMs solutions are designed to help manage the flow of ‘data in’ more effectively to reduce errors in back-office processing, compliance, customer reporting and credit control.

BSM Systems & Industry Solutions

BSM systems operate across a number of prominent industries. For further insight please refer to our profiled industry solutions page .

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Supply Chain Technology

Prior to installing BSM we reviewed a number of other Export systems. However all of them required a higher upfront investment yet none of them offered the ability for a cloud based solution. This ability to securely access the system from anywhere and automatically send daily or weekly reports to any party made BSM a logical choice for our business.

Since installing BSM we have been able to bring all our documentation in house saving considerable costs and reducing turnaround times.

Saurabh (Sam) Aggarwal
General Manager
Longwarry Food Park

Longwarry Food Park