How visible is information internally and externally?

Regardless of the size of your business, our experience is that there are internal and external stakeholders directly involved in your supply chain.

Within your business this might be Trade to Finance, shipping through to your Warehouse. Externally there are other parties such as your Bank, Ocean Carrier, Freight Forwarder, Customs Broker,  Transport Company and DC.

A misalignment of information leads to increased risk, high administration costs and unreliable data.

How do you leverage your data to improve accuracy on forecasting activities?

Consolidated FoodCompany is a supply chain company for the beef industry. We assist major QSR's around the globe. We needed a sophisticated, transparent and web based logistics platform for ourselves, our customers and our vendors and a system that works 24/7 and is securely accessible by our staff and our customers.

BSM provided that platform in an ideal fashion. Our customers love the transparency, visibility and ease of information. Our banks are delighted with the access they have to our business – they take great comfort in that.

BSM delivered a solution tailored to our needs, the automated reporting is an exact fit to our customer requirements, the transparency is perfect for our business model. The BSM platform saves us overheads by a reduced headcount.

The BSM platform truly enables our business.”

Matt Toll
Consolidated FoodCompany

The Warehouse