Systems Support

How does your current IT environment support the process?

Operational tasks, performance measurement, cost management and exception reporting are all components that make up an effective and efficient supply chain.

These processes should be supported by a system which can adapt to your ever changing environment. This is after all how you achieve more with less.

How often do you have to collate and rework information in order to use the information required?

What processes are manual or not performed at all due to the limited resources available to you?

The answer to these questions will provide a summary of the effectiveness of your software.


Whilst we knew that we needed to generate productivity improvements in our business, our initial concern was always that BSM was just another piece of software. What we soon realised was that BSM, their advice, support and development commitment was one integrated package.

The implementation of BSM into our business was smooth and extremely well supported by the team at BSM. We now have central management and control of our documents, and a functionality level that is driving our documents section to a paperless operation. Not hosting the software has also resulted in considerable savings surrounding the management of software, data security and hardware.”

Daryl Butler
Systems Manager
Balco Limited

Balco Australia