Cost Management

Have you removed all unnecessary costs from your International Supply Chain?

International Freight rates are often the primary focus of negotiation but have you considered the many other variables which impact the costs incurred by your business?

Do you have a comprehensive strategy designed to ensure a lowest cost environment from purchase through to delivery?

How well do you measure your forecasted vs actual costs?

How often do you review your strategy and measure its effectiveness?

When was the last time you invested in an independent review of your supply chain?


We had been aware of the BSM solution for many years and made the decision to change to the solution in 2014.

The implementation and ongoing use of the system has been seamless, the strength of BSM is their industry specialised consultants that support the entire process from the initial review of our business , through implementation and account management.

In a very difficult trading environment they have helped lower our processing costs and improved information management across our business.

BSM has allowed us to scale up in a way that was simply not possible with our previous system and processes, as a result we have a more efficient business and more importantly one that we can continue to improve in a collaborative way.

Patrick Harper
Group IT Manager – Recycling
One Steel Recycling

One Steel