Supply Chain Consulting

BSM provides a comprehensive and customised range of technical and commercial consulting solutions to suit your international supply chain objectives.

Experience combined with continuous development ensures BSM stays abreast of emerging technologies and challenges that can either benefit or negatively impact supply chain models. Through our consultancy services we have assisted companies around the world to expand their businesses and support their goals with sustainable solution models.

Our client portfolio demonstrates our first-class consulting services which cater for multi-national organisations seeking a complete integration of their international supply chain to SME’s seeking to optimise systems and processes.

Through our consultancy services we specialise in tailored solutions and outcomes that are individually designed to match your needs.

What makes BSM different?

Our experience and proven ability to implement tailored solution models sets BSM apart and makes us unique in our area of expertise.

Our consultancy services are aimed at providing you with guidance and recommendations through each step of the decision-making process. We first begin by understanding how your business operates today then we move into planning concepts supported by proven strategies, inclusive of systems and technology models, integrations, migrations and operational performance reviews. In-depth knowledge and technical expertise combined with recognized management capabilities provide a complete supply chain solution.

Throughout this process BSM remains mindful of your ROI outcomes and satisfaction. We continuously work to ensure a collaborative process that strengthens our understanding of your business and the challenges faced by your staff.

Further information on BSMs consultancy services can be accessed by calling        +61 2 9238 2007 or email

Key Outcomes Achieved for Telewater

  • Automated export documentation
  • Connectivity and visibility to 3rd party logistic providers
  • Removal of manual communication and duplication of operational processes
  • Export customs compliance with PRA (pre-receivale advise) and customs messaging (EDN)