Business Review

To customise a solution BSM must first understand how your business operates today. The BSM model starts with a tailored on-site business review of your international logistics systems, trading capabilities and processes. This provides your senior management with:

  • Independent, low cost overview of current issues and process improvement opportunities
  • Cost benefits related to improved international trading
  • Proposed strategy for next steps, including system solutions

The review process is a collaborative one and includes your staff and BSM trade specialists. Our experience has shown that involving your team at the beginning results in greater information accuracy and buy-in to targeted outcomes.

The BSM business review has the following objectives:

  • Benchmark international supply chain performance
  • Provide awareness of areas for potential cost savings
  • Identify supply chain process improvement opportunities
  • Independent advice regarding international logistics providers
  • Independent review of clients international trading practices
  • Modelling international supply chain skills for improvement

Further information on BSM’s Business Review processes, objectives and outcomes can be accessed by calling +61 2 9238 2007 or email





Implementing BSM precipitated internal change: from many people on phones chasing shipments to more buyer involvement, more visibility, more scalability and more pro-active efforts.

Implementation has enabled more certainty in what we can sell – increased the certainty that stock was available at pick phase before a catalogue went out.

It has reduced labour cost in shipping, processing and admin; changed focus to more value add rather than “busy” work. Reduced DC resourcing, reduced obsolete stock, reduced out of stock.

BSMs (GTM) solution is very useful in holding people accountable; 80% of our suppliers keep full, current and accurate data on the system.”

David Hughes
Operations Manager