Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to existing clients to verify BSM’s achievements?

Yes. We are more than pleased for you to have contact with our existing clients. Some due diligence, which includes checking references, will help you make an informed decision. For more information please contact your BSM representative

Do I need to load any software onto my computer system?

No. BSM is a web based tool. So there is no need to load anything onto your existing system, if you have high speed internet access you can have 24 / 7 secured access to your international supply chain, historical data, documentation and reporting.

Is it expensive?

No. BSM solution’s are very cost effective and we can provide ROI modelling if requested. Historically we know our solution is cost neutral due to elimination of 3rd party costs and productivity improvements.

Will I need to maintain two sets of data?

No. BSM will receive and / or push data back into your operating system so you no longer have to keep repeatedly entering the same data (container number, seal numbers, shipping information etc)

What are some of the features & benefits can I expect from a BSM solution?

  • In the Cloud
  • Low Cost Implementation
  • No Systems Infrastructure Requirements other than Access to High Speed Internet
  • Interface Capabilities with Current ERP Systems
  • Buyer, Seller and Mover Profile Management
  • Sales and Purchase Contract Creation, Management and Reconciliation
  • Shipment Management – Planning & Execution
  • Carrier Booking Automation
  • Vessel Schedule Updates & Cartage Cut Off updates (from ports)
  • Automated Communications – Interactive Reporting Tools with Suppliers, Packers, Transport Companies and Inspection Partners
  • Automated Commercial Documentation – 90% Automated (for export) and Upload 3rd Party Documents
  • Compliance Management – DAFF – EXDOC, EDN’s, E- CERTS, PRA’s, Banks
  • Real Time Container Status Reporting for Wharf Delivery & Vessel Loading (from ports)
  • Partner Rates & Tender Management
  • Client Reporting with Real Time Shipment Status Updates
  • Cost Reporting
  • Competitive Edge in an Environment Where International Logistics Skills are Critical

Further information on BSM can be accessed by calling +61 2 9238 2007 or email






We had been aware of the BSM solution for many years and made the decision to change to the solution in 2014.

The implementation and ongoing use of the system has been seamless, the strength of BSM is their industry specialised consultants that support the entire process from the initial review of our business , through implementation and account management.

In a very difficult trading environment they have helped lower our processing costs and improved information management across our business.

BSM has allowed us to scale up in a way that was simply not possible with our previous system and processes, as a result we have a more efficient business and more importantly one that we can continue to improve in a collaborative way.

Patrick Harper
Group IT Manager – Recycling
One Steel Recycling

One Steel