BSM Solutions V’s Traditional Supply Chain Solutions

What Differentiates a BSM Solution from a Traditional Solution?

First ask yourself what objectives you wish to achieve?

How do you communicate with your suppliers and agents? How do you optimise the flow and interpretation of data between your supplier, buyers and logistics partners and how can they provide this function? How can they assist you increase your productivity & 100% real time independent visibility? Can they assist with your internal head count, associated costs and skill sets? Can they provide via the push of a button 24/7 status on 100% of open orders and contracts with direct links to cash flow impact? How do they provide the ability to adjust your supply chain platform to immediately re-align to market changes and trade lane variations? What is their process (not just a strategy) to provide a reduction in your costs and overheads (not merely freight rates)? How will they source and supply independent benchmarking and KPI management across your entire international supply chain? What process will they deliver to you to create real time inhouse workflow reports and exception reporting?

Now ask your provider how will they deliver these within a fixed frame & how can you easily & independently benchmark their actual performance against these objectives. Then ask BSM the same questions and allow us to demonstrate exactly how we do this today for our existing clients.

What incentives are there for a traditional supply chain partner to reduce your costs and overheads?

There is a direct link between your costs and their margins. BSM has no such link, our goal is simple. To increase your control and productivity whilst reducing your costs and overheads.


The BSM cloud based solution is more effective, more nimble than the traditional solutions provided by international forwarders as BSM solutions automate information management, visibility and control. We do this through the integration of information from related parties eliminating costly data re processing removing lost time of operators making phone calls and emails chasing shipping updates and documentation.

The BSM process reduces the requirement for manual data entry and as a result delivers greater levels of accuracy, visibility and related productivity.

Further information on BSM can be accessed by calling +61 2 9238 2007 or email

No responsibilities have changed but the way people work has: previously no action was taken until something didn’t arrive. Now far more pro-active work can be done.

Visibility across the board has led to process control, pro-active management and has reduced port demurrage from $220K to 20K.

David Hamilton
Supply Chain Manager
Sunrice Ltd