6 Ways To Power Up Your Supply Chain

1. ROI.  The right fit of systems, automation and processes

By comparing your ROI for automation of your supply chain to current volume hungry processes may suddenly allow a systems implementation to become tangible. The wrong system can create inefficiencies and not allow you to maximise your ROI due to inefficient product flow, operator time wasting and data duplication processes ultimately impacting you supply chain costs and customer service levels.

2. Optimise supply chain processes and systems

It is a simple fact that companies that have invested in tailored software solutions to automate trade compliance are able to greatly improve the cycle times associated with compliance tasks that are traditionally performed manually. Tasks such as contract management, compliance requirements, document preparation & submission, reporting, rates and exception management can be automated through a single logstics platform . Automation in this area ensures an immediate and ongoing reduction the need for data entry duplication, boarder clearance delays at point of export or import and ensure deliveries are running on time and in full with lower costs. This cascades into creating a controlled environment and overheads plus increased customer satisfaction and staff retention A win win scenario for all!.

3. Mode of transport. Which is the best fit for you at the right price?

Historically its simple, the most cost effective mode to ship your product to port is by rail but due to geography and services available it is not always possible so the next best option is road. In regards to international shipping ocean freight is the best option for cost compared to air freight. With both modes consolidation is king to reduce your uint costs. No matter the mode of delivery, always get a minimum of 3 quotes and ensure you have confirmed equipment & space availability plus transit times.

4. Currency. Avoid currency exchange losses

If you are being quoted and billed in a foreign currency you should pay in the same currency. This removes hidden costs and fee’s such as CAF (currency adjustment factors). Firstly be aware of them and secondly eliminate the issue and you have an immediate and ongoing positve impact on your cashflow and P&L results.

5. Improve Resource Productivity and Workflow

By using work flow reports your team can see on a daily basis their priorities, and manage their day accordingly. Through prioritizing their actions they will ensure your supply chain remains healthy and under control.

6. Create and manage KPIs

There is a saying, “What you cannot measure, you cannot improve.” This is true of all aspects of business, but probably none more so than International Supply Chain. By implementing automated KPIs you can benchmark not only your own productivity and performance levels but also that of your logistics partners as well.

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Key Outcomes Achieved for Telewater

  • Automated export documentation
  • Connectivity and visibility to 3rd party logistic providers
  • Removal of manual communication and duplication of operational processes
  • Export customs compliance with PRA (pre-receivale advise) and customs messaging (EDN)