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We had been aware of the BSM solution for many years and made the decision to change to the solution in 2014.

The implementation and ongoing use of the system has been seamless,  the strength of BSM is their industry specialised consultants that support the entire process from the initial review of our business , through implementation and account management.

In a very difficult trading environment they have helped lower our processing costs and improved information management across our business.

BSM has allowed us to scale up in a way that was simply not possible with our previous system and processes, as a result we have a more efficient business and more importantly one that we can continue to improve in a collaborative way.

Patrick Harper

Group IT Manager – Recycling

One Steel Recycling

jt johnson

Johnsons have been using BSM since 2010 and have seen a dramatic increase in our efficiency as a result. We have been able to integrate BSM with our internal production system, eliminating double entry of data and providing a seamless transfer of data between the two systems.

All of our documentation staff have found BSM very easy to use, and we believe without it we would have to employ additional staff.

We are currently looking at implementing BSM V2 and believe this will add even further efficiencies and benefits.

Darren White

Export Manager

JT Johnson & Sons Pty Ltd


Whilst we knew that we needed to generate productivity improvements in our business, our initial concern was always that BSM was just another piece of software.

What we soon realised was that BSM, their advice, support and development commitment was one integrated package.

The implementation of BSM into our business was smooth and extremely well supported by the team at BSM. We now have central management and control of our documents, and a functionality level that is driving our documents section to a paperless operation.

Not hosting the software has also resulted in considerable savings surrounding the management of software, data security and hardware.”

Daryl Butler

Systems Manager

Balco Limited

Sunrice logo

“No responsibilities have changed but the way people work has: previously no action was taken until something didn’t arrive. Now far more pro-active work can be done.

Visibility across the board has led to process control, pro-active management and has reduced port demurrage from $220K to 20K.”

David Hamilton

Supply Chain Manager

Sunrice Ltd

Further information and client references regarding BSM can be accessed by calling +61 2 9238 2007 or email enquiries@buysellmove.com


Key Outcomes Achieved for Parmalat

  • Automated export documentation system
  • Export customs compliance
  • Low cost logistics solutions
  • Streamline operational activity and removal of manual processes and duplication