Industry Solutions Overview

BSM’s proposition is simple. We deliver visibility and control to organisations over their international supply chain and the associated costs. Our solution integrates all the stages from contract management, planning, scheduling to the execution of supply chain and compliance activities. It can automate up to 90% of supply chain tasks inclusive of compliance and documentation management.

A BSM solution can be applied over your existing systems or facilitated via our user friendly, web based system. This system can be quickly mastered and is today used by multinationals through to SME’s.

For large companies we deliver highly integrated and automated supply chain solutions. Subsequently the challenges of global trade and supply chain process can be managed by fewer staff whilst increasing productivity, visibility and control within the business. For small to medium size companies we deliver an easy process that allows a single staff member to begin to trade cost effectively around the globe.

BSM partners a wide variety of industries and commodities please feel free to browse some of our featured industries.

Further information on BSM solutions can be accessed by calling +61 2 9238 2007 or email



Key Outcomes Achieved for Parmalat

  • Automated export documentation system
  • Export customs compliance
  • Low cost logistics solutions
  • Streamline operational activity and removal of manual processes and duplication