With the Recycling sector facing challenging market conditions in recent times it has become more pertinent than ever before for recyclers to execute transactions as efficiently cost effectively as possible.

Our proven solutions provide Recyclers with a collaboration of tools to link communications to related parties across the supply chain. This comprehensive flow of information includes Packing Locations, buyers, origin transporters, Shipping lines, Compliance Partners (CCIC).

This environment provides real time alignment for all parties assigned to this transaction. BSM systems identify, map and benchmark behavioural patterns from key transaction parties like shipping lines and packing locations to ensure the transaction is executed in a cost effective and efficient manner.

BSM collaborates closely with our clients to ensure opportunities are identified, sustainable and manageable solutions are put in place, monitored and maintained.

Prominent Features & Benefits

Simplify Export Processes

Logistics Platform: Seamlessly connect with your packing locations, shipping lines, buyers, transporters to provide interactive daily reports and order status updates, automate the capture of changes and create exception reporting

Increase Productivity

Develop Automated Systems & Strategies: Drive supply chain performance and cost management

Export Documents & Compliance: Online automation of your contracts, export documentation and compliance requirements and execution including the storage and management of compliance photographs and certificate storage

Prepayment Management & Allocation: Allows for the strategic and flexible management of prepayment funds across multiple shipments assigned to contracts or specific buyers

Rates Management: Electronic management of shipping, cartage, packing & inspection rates, inclusive of validities and electronic ranking. Tender management and partner selection

Tailored Workflows & reporting

Complete Order and Transactional Visibility: End to end visibility and control of your international supply chain

Browser Based Solution: No software to install

BSM’s goal is simple. To increase your control and productivity whilst reducing your costs and overheads.

BSM solutions are more holistic in their approach and execution of transactions as opposed to  other standard export management applications which tend to focus on one or two areas of the supply chain.

BSM solutions automate information management, visibility and control. We do this through the integration of information from related parties eliminating costly data re processing removing lost time of operators making phone calls and emails chasing shipping updates.

The BSM process reduces the requirement for manual data entry and as a result delivers greater levels of accuracy and related productivity.

Further information regarding a BSM retail solution can be accessed by calling           +61 2 9238 2007 or email

We had been aware of the BSM solution for many years and made the decision to change to the solution in 2014.

The implementation and ongoing use of the system has been seamless, the strength of BSM is their industry specialised consultants that support the entire process from the initial review of our business , through implementation and account management.

In a very difficult trading environment they have helped lower our processing costs and improved information management across our business.

BSM has allowed us to scale up in a way that was simply not possible with our previous system and processes, as a result we have a more efficient business and more importantly one that we can continue to improve in a collaborative way.

Patrick Harper
Group IT Manager – Recycling
One Steel Recycling

One Steel