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grainIn today’s global market a grain trader has to learn, develop and maintain a supply chain process to ensure their product arrives on time and in full whilst supporting local and overseas compliance requirements.

Add these complexities to the challenges provided through unpredictable weather and seasonal variations driven by global markets and control and visibility become critical to the success of companies operating within todays grain industry.

BSM has a tailored industry solution in place to which can integrate data share with industry systems such as Smartsoft (Grainsmart) etc to deliver sustainable systems and processes to optimise your supply chain.

Prominent Features & Benefits

  • Simplify Export Processes
  • Increase Productivity
  • Develop Automated Systems & Strategies: Drive supply chain performance and cost management
  • Export Documents & Compliance: Online automation of your contracts, export documentation and compliance requirements and execution
  • Direct Interfaces: Customs (EDN’s), Onestop (PRA’s, receivals & vessel information, gated in & vessel loading updates), DAWR (DAFF-Exdoc RFPs), INTRAA (booking requests & confirmation, release details via data exchange), Chambers (E-cert)
  • Logistics Platform: Seamlessly connect with your customers, suppliers, transporters and packers, provide interactive daily reports and order status updates, automate the capture of changes and create exception reporting
  • Rates Management: Electronic management of shipping, cartage, packing & inspection rates, inclusive of validities and electronic ranking. Tender management and partner selection
  • Tailored Workflows & reporting
  • Complete Order and Transactional Visibility: End to end visibility and control of your international supply chain
  • Browser Based Solution: No software to install

Further information on BSM’s Grain solutions can be accessed by calling             +61 2 9238 2007 or email



Whilst we knew that we needed to generate productivity improvements in our business, our initial concern was always that BSM was just another piece of software. What we soon realised was that BSM, their advice, support and development commitment was one integrated package.

The implementation of BSM into our business was smooth and extremely well supported by the team at BSM. We now have central management and control of our documents, and a functionality level that is driving our documents section to a paperless operation. Not hosting the software has also resulted in considerable savings surrounding the management of software, data security and hardware.”

Daryl Butler
Systems Manager
Balco Limited

Balco Australia