With over 45% of production heading overseas the Australian Dairy industry continues to access and strengthen overseas markets.

BSM works with some of Australia’s most prominent Dairy exporters to ensure they have to the tools to streamline export compliance and execution, create control and visibility across the supply chain to mitigate risk and ensure profits are maximised.

BSM does this through our tailored dairy solution.

Prominent Features & Benefits

  • Simplify Export Processes
  • Increase Productivity
  • Develop Automated Systems & Strategies: Drive supply chain performance and cost management
  • Export Documents & Compliance: Online automation of your contracts, export documentation and compliance requirements and execution
  • Direct Interfaces: Customs (EDN’s), Onestop (PRA’s, receival & vessel information, gated in & vessel loading updates), DAWR (DAFF-Exdoc RFPs), INTRAA (booking requests & confirmation, release details via data exchange), Chambers (E-cert)
  • Logistics Platform: Seamlessly connect with your customers, suppliers, transporters and packers, provide interactive daily reports and order status updates, automate the capture of changes and create exception reporting
  • Rates Management: Electronic management of shipping, cartage, packing & inspection rates, inclusive of validities and electronic ranking. Tender management and partner selection
  • Tailored Workflows & reporting
  • Complete Order and Transactional Visibility: End to end visibility and control of your international supply chain
  • Browser Based Solution: No software to install

Further information on BSM’s Dairy solutions can be accessed by calling +61 2 9238 2007 or email enquiries@buysellmove.com

Prior to installing BSM we reviewed a number of other Export systems. However all of them required a higher upfront investment yet none of them offered the ability for a cloud based solution. This ability to securely access the system from anywhere and automatically send daily or weekly reports to any party made BSM a logical choice for our business.

Since installing BSM we have been able to bring all our documentation in house saving considerable costs and reducing turnaround times.

Saurabh (Sam) Aggarwal
General Manager
Longwarry Food Park

Longwarry Food Park