Case Studies

number one shoes

BSM began working with Number One Shoes in 2010. Prior to 2010 they had successfully operated a traditional supply chain model.

Since ‘go live’ and via support and collaboration BSM tailored a strategy and solution to deliver an ongoing, flexible global trade management solutions.

The cloud based application has grown to support evolving supply chain and global requirements

They key benefits that were achieved are:

  • Improved visibility and control of orders throughout the supply chain
  • Cloud based, 24 x 7 secure access to data and documentation
  • Improved vendor compliance and communication
  • Migrated to paperless shipping documentation & customs clearance processes
  • Reduced headcount

During this time Number One Shoes migrated to a new Freight Forwarder which proved to be a seamless process inclusive of integrating information between the Forwarder and BSM.

Michael Stirling | International Logistics & Replenishment Manager 

jt johnson

JT Johnsons began working with BSM in 2010. One of the early goals was to integrate BSM with the internal production system.

The results were immediate and have delivered a dramatic increase in efficiency and productivity.

Additionally key benefits that were achieved are ;

  • automated compliance
  • eliminating double entry of data
  • centralised reporting
  • providing a seamless transfer of data between the two systems
  • documentation staff have found BSM very easy to use and tailor
  • controlled headcount and associated costs

2015 see’s JT Johnsons and BSM working together towards further customisation and implementation BSM V2. Based on the value delivered across the business Johnsons believe this will add even further efficiencies and ongoing benefits.

Darren White | Export Manager

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No responsibilities have changed but the way people work has: previously no action was taken until something didn’t arrive. Now far more pro-active work can be done.

Visibility across the board has led to process control, pro-active management and has reduced port demurrage from $220K to 20K.

David Hamilton
Supply Chain Manager
Sunrice Ltd