Innovative Global Trade Management (GTM) Solutions

Outstanding Client Portfolio;

Our depth of client portfolio demonstrates our first-class consulting services. It highlights our methodology and solutions cater for multi-national organisations seeking a complete integration of their international supply chain to SME’s and start up’s seeking to optimise systems and processes.

What makes BSM different?

Our experience and proven ability to identify opportunities for improvement, tailored strategies and implementing functionally rich global trade management (GTM) solutions sets BSM apart. This collaborative and highly successful approach makes us unique in our area of expertise.

Our consultancy services are aimed at providing you with guidance and recommendations through each step of the decision-making process. We first begin by understanding how your business operates today.  Then we move into planning concepts supported by proven strategies, inclusive of systems and technology models, integrations, migrations and operational performance reviews. In-depth knowledge and technical expertise combined with recognized  GTM capabilities provide an end to end supply chain solution.

Throughout this process BSM remains mindful of your ROI outcomes and satisfaction. We continuously work to ensure a collaborative process that strengthens our understanding of your business and the challenges faced by your staff.

BSM Business Opportunities;

  • BSM processes are designed to identify a summary of key business opportunities;
  • assessment of current international GTM and supply chain performance, skill sets and operating systems
  • identify blockages to productivity, improvement and management visibility
  • provide awareness of areas for potential cost savings
  • deliver capability and productivity comparisons to others within your industry sector

 Cloud based BSM Solutions Designed To; Cloud1

  • optimise and drive GTM and international supply chain visibility and control
  • improve resource productivity
  • improve compliance and document management
  • integrate your GTM systems and process
  • improve internal/external communications, reporting and systems collaborations
  • create and maintain KPI’s and benchmarking
  • automate rates and tender management, costing’s, cash flow impacts
  • improve skill sets
  • identify cost reduction opportunities
  • improve your speed to market

Further information on BSM can be accessed by calling +61 2 9238 2007 or email

Prior to installing BSM we reviewed a number of other Export systems. However all of them required a higher upfront investment yet none of them offered the ability for a cloud based solution. This ability to securely access the system from anywhere and automatically send daily or weekly reports to any party made BSM a logical choice for our business.

Since installing BSM we have been able to bring all our documentation in house saving considerable costs and reducing turnaround times.

Saurabh (Sam) Aggarwal
General Manager
Longwarry Food Park

Longwarry Food Park