About BSM

Our People

BSM Global has a great team of experienced consultants and developers plus enthusiastic and helpful support staff to ensure you receive the best level of service at all times.

All BSM Consultants have worked within the supply chain and global trade management sector. All have held operational through to managerial positions. Their experience ensures they not only understand the end to end life cycle of the supply chain, but also the challenges faced by operators through to P&L outcomes and management visibility.

Great People Support Great Results

The BSM Team is professional, refreshingly down-to-earth and friendly, we support open conversations about your business and what objectives you may have. In turn this encourages deeper relationships to help us understand your business. We offer informed advice, strategies and solutions to drive global trade outcomes.

Our experience combined with reliability, accessibility and responsiveness is what truly sets BSM apart. We are very proud to say our clients genuinely enjoy working with us. This in turn fosters lasting partnerships that can transform your supply chain processes and its long term sustainable success.

BSM is known for providing great results. Our continuous technical support and industry awareness ensures that the BSM team provide’s proactive solutions to improve your global trade management and supply chain processes to support your company’s goal.

Should you be interested in learning more about our people or even joining BSM please call +61 2 9238 2007 or email enquiries@buysellmove.com



Key Outcomes Achieved for Sunrice

  • Improve international logistics control
  • Link related parties in 3rd world countries
  • Real time information management
  • Manage Compliance documentation requirements